Shays’ Rebellion and the Articles of Confederation

FeaturedShays’ Rebellion and the Articles of Confederation

There are many arguments proclaiming the ‘evils’ of big government, and it always seems to come back to the same arguments made by the Federalists and the Anti-federalists during the days of our founders, concerning the differences between a strong central government and a weak central government.

It is taken as gospel that our government should be small, and it is argued that it was always meant to be this way, but from what has been said about the dangers of our large government, it appears that some are advocating for a return of the Articles of Confederation, with its weak central powers, instead of the federal government that we have today.

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Musing on the Second Amendment and the machine gun

Musing on the Second Amendment and the machine gun

We have heard a lot lately about the gun control versus gun rights debates, and also about a well-regulated militia versus arming the citizenry. Some gun control advocates have argued that tanks, artillery, and nuclear weapons are not being debated as arms, but this has not been very effective in changing the minds of the staunch Second Amendment supporters concerning semi-automatic firearms, or as some have called it, the assault weapon.

But what about the machine gun?  We have all seen the movies and documentaries about how the Tommy Gun was used during the prohibition days of Al Capone and the Untouchables, but we do not hear an uproar today to own fully automatic firearms as well. Why is this and was there an outcry when they were banned? Were there protests against the government for trying to take away everyone’s guns at that time as we have seen today?

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