The Battle of Shiloh from the Confederate Army’s Perspective

I am in the process of researching Paducah, Kentucky’s 3rd Confederate Infantry as it fought during the Battle of Shiloh and later throughout the war. To do so, I have been using a Civil War tactical game called, Ultimate General: Civil War, and in the video below, the perspective of the Battle of Shiloh is the Confederacy and the choices it had while attacking the Union forces on April 6th, 1862. This video was created by Agrippa Maxentius on YouTube.

I am using this video to follow all of the 3rd Confederate’s movement on that day to get a better idea of the geography and forces arrayed against their brigade, and I am posting the video to give the reader my thought process as I study the landscape and the battle in detail. I am also studying the exact topography maps of the battlefield to be able to track the movements of the brigade to make sure this map on the game will be able to hold up to scrutiny. Check out this link from the Civil War Trust highlighting the Battle of Shiloh.

Future articles will be posted giving the exact movements of the Third Confederate Infantry and its soldiers from Paducah, Kentucky, so stay tuned for more.

Here is the video:


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