Paducah and the Civil War

Here is the cover and description of my forthcoming book: Paducah and the Civil War:

Amazon Photo of Book Cover large

Despite Kentucky’s aim to keep a neutral position in the Civil War and Paducah’s Confederate tendencies, the Union captured the town soon after Confederate troops occupied Columbus. As a result, the Tennessee River and the Cumberland River became permeable entry points for infiltrating farther south and maintaining supply lines deep into Confederate states. That strategic advantage was halted when Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest invaded the town during the Battle of Paducah. Ultimately, a combination of guerrilla warfare tactics and General Eleazer Paine’s Reign of Terror contributed to the Union’s final victory over Paducah. Historian John Cashon recounts the tumultuous struggle for Paducah during the War Between the States.

Description of Cover: The boat at the bottom is the USS Peosta gunboat that was here during the Battle of Paducah. The men at the top are: General U.S. Grant, General Nathan Bedford Forrest, and General Lew Wallace, the author the classic, Ben Hur. They all had a role to play in Paducah.

Release Date: October 10, 2016.

Pre-orders are available at


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