The map below is the most detailed map of western Kentucky that I have seen. The full map can be found at the Library of Congress by clicking here. This map shows many of the smaller towns, as well as the roads in the region at this time.

Click on this map for a larger view:

A portion of the map showing western Kentucky. Von Reizenstein, B. & D’Avignon, F. (1865) Western Tennessee, and part of Kentucky. [S.l] [Map] Retrieved from the Library of Congress, .


8 thoughts on “Western Kentucky in 1865

    1. I have been hunting the town of Melvin for a while with my research before I found this map, and since it has the roads, it makes it much easier for me to follow the troop movements from both the Union and Confederate armies.

  1. Wow. What Kentucky looked like the year before my grandfather (yes!) was born. And while my great-grandfather was in the Kentucky legislature!

      1. My great-Grandfather was named Samuel Larkins. He lived in Trigg County. Our family has a letter from his wife Josephine that she wrote to him while he was in Frankfort.

  2. I grew up in the community of Crutchfield, in Fulton Co., KY. I knew a family named Cashon there. Never heard the name after moving away. I was a school mate of Margaret Robertson’s in Clinton, Hickman Co. Her husband is Prof. John Robertson of Paducah. I have lived in Lexington Ky. for most of my life, where my oldest son, Tom Eblen, is a columnist for the Lexington Herald-Leader. I have shared this map with him, as he had visited the area with me many times.

    1. My Dad knew of some Cashon’s in Fulton when he was a kid. I had Prof. John Robertson as a teacher in college and always looked up to him, and I especially used his books when I wrote my book, Paducah and the Civil War. I’m glad you like the map. I did because it is so detailed.

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