A little history – Will Rogers

Will Rogers with Rope, Wikimedia Commons

Will Rogers with Rope, Wikimedia Commons

Today, humor and satire are often preferred to listening to the news. Just take Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher for example. They give a welcome break from all of the seriousness displayed in politics, and they also show everyone how the mainstream media is only out for ratings instead of the story.

Will Rogers had a way of speaking, through his storytelling, that instantly made people smile. His humor gave comfort to the millions of ordinary people that were struggling through the Great Depression.

I have found three videos on You Tube that highlight his life and his philosophizing. He had a folksy wisdom that was recognized by politicians and millions of Americans alike.

Will Rogers – Bacon, Beans, and Limousines

Western Cowboy Star – Will Rogers – Biography

Man of the Year : Will Rogers

2 thoughts on “A little history – Will Rogers

  1. I fell in love with Will in 8th grade. So many of my early loves did not pan out, but THIS one has been going strong for 53 years! I think it’s because of his wonderful sense of humor and his respect for (not agreement with) even the lowliest of those he may have had reason to include in a commentary or two.

    • I agree, Barbara. I grew up listening to my dad talk about how much he liked Will, and living in Kentucky, folk wisdom got more conversations started than partisan rhetoric.

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